Ravin’ about the Raven: What the Raven Saw

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=can-you-drink-when-you-take-metronidazole Congratulations this month to Samantha-Ellen Bound. Her book, What the Raven Saw, has been published by Woolshed Press. It is a fabulous old-fashioned adventure story, full of laughter and tears, and one to be enjoyed as much by adults as children.

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http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=antibiotics-cheap-online Sam’s story, ‘Jim’, was one of the winners of the 2010 Perilous Adventures short story competition – so it’s lovely to see Sam’s writing journey really taking flight. I had the pleasure of reading draft chapters from What the Raven Saw, and the grumpy but lovable Raven is a character I have never forgotten – and knew I would see in print. Destined to be a classic!!

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