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bactrim cost UK Nike’s wonderful novel, Rupetta, about a partly mechanical woman who lives four hundred years, hits the stands next month, published by Tartarus Press, in the UK.

follow link If you don’t know Tartarus, they publish beautifully bound books in the specualtive fiction genre. (Angela Slatter’s short story collection, Sourdough, is also on their list). Get your hands on a hard copy of Rupetta if you can. The book is beautifully written – sentences to die for – and the story rich with wisdom, historical texture, and gorgeous detail. I have to warn you, though; it’s a little heartbreaking.

order bactrim from Canada Rupetta will be launched at the The Golden Fleece in York, on 9 February, if you are mobile or in the neighbourhood. You can read an extract here:

what is the best oral antibiotic And some background about the novelĀ from nike’s website here:  

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