Krista Fuller’s The Outside Inn

We always love to hear how former clients are doing. Today a lovely email arrived from Krista Fuller about the publication of her book The Outsider’s Inn . The book deals with some heavy stuff, but it’s handled with such a deft touch. We could probably all do with a little more conscious living …

A sample of some of the testimonials coming in below. With the best one last :)

“Krista’s treatment of this sensitive subject matter is inspired. To complement her exhaustive research, she writes with great wit and a deep compassion that is informed by her own trials and tribulations, giving her an empathy and understanding for the subject that is hard to equal.”

Dr George Blair-West: Psychiatrist, Author of The Way of The Quest

“Krista is a brave and insightful writer who draws on her own personal story that makes her book a powerful resource for her reader. I believe her heartfelt words will help many individuals, couples, families and those working in the field of emotional health and wellbeing look at these complex life issues from a refreshingly new perspective. Congratulations Krista, your book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the wonderful resilience of the human spirit, even in the most seemingly dire of consequences.”

Cynthia Morton: Author, Australian of the Year, Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence, Pride of Australia Medal

“Hi Krista. I’m 14 and I was given your book as a random act of kindness. The Outsider’s Inn has helped me understand the tougher subjects of today’s society. I would like to thank you for the helpful guide your book has been. You seem like a wonderful and very inspiring woman. An amazing book – everyone should read this, especially teens.”

Student: Newcastle, New South Wales


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