Olvar Wood onLine (OWL)


Olvar Wood’s online courses are ideal for writers with busy lives or living in more remote areas.

OWL courses are designed and taught by published writers with university teaching experience, and bring together the best of university-level writing and reading courses with a more practical and personal approach to developing your writing life.

Each course is designed to be taken at your own pace, with flexible finish dates, practical writing exercises, and personal, detailed feedback on your written work.

Olvar Wood onLine courses available during 2013 include: Nature Writing (September), Biography (June), and Setting & Description (November).

Go straight to OWL to enrol or try our free sampler course. For enquiries, please email: admin@olvarwood.com.au

Previous Participants have said:

“I had a wonderful time, learned heaps (thank you!) and am working towards doing more.”

“It has been an enlivening journey for me, pinpointing areas where more attention is needed along with the pleasure of trying out ideas, techniques and mini versions of genres. I found the course reading material stimulating and often thought-provoking”

“The thorough feedback for the assignments in particular has really helped me.”

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