Three Month one-on-one $ 1350.00
Six Months one-on-one $ 2500.00
Year-long $ 5000.00
Short-term residential mentorships @ Turmeric Gardens $275 (w/e)$650 (week)


Short Prose/Poetry (up to 5000 words) $ 150.00
Up to 50,000 words $ 595.00
Up to 70,000 words $ 695.00
Each additional 10,000 words $ 50.00

Manuscript Triage

50 pages + synopsis $250 (refundable on return service)

Workshops & Masterclasses

Workshops (day long) $ 1000 (max 24 writers)
Masterclasses (day long) $ 1000 (max 12 writers)

Prices are quoted in Australian dollars. Olvar Wood is not registered for and does not charge GST.Rates

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