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In the 'Introduction' section of Olvar Wood Online, you can also participate in our online book club: a great way to share your love of good writing, explore some writing exercises and get to know how online learning at OWL operates.

We hope you enjoy exploring Olvar Wood Online, and look forward to reading your work sometimes soon.

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    This sample course is a free course consisting of four sample lessons, each of which is taken from one of our courses. The sampler includes examples of the various activities/interactive elements used in our more developed and focused courses, including discussion forums, content-based lessons, quizzes, and so on.

    The course is provided so that you can familiarise yourself with the way Moodle (the platform OWL uses to deliver courses) works, and determine whether it will work for you. There is no feedback provided as part of this course, and only limited interaction with the course facilitators.

    You can login to this course as a guest or as a student. A guest has read-only access to the material; a student can interact more fully with the course materials, posting your own writing, taking the quizzes and so on.

    From the date you sign up, your enrolment will stay active for 60 days.

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