Reading for Writers (Available Now)

Lesendes Madchen by Franz Eybel

Course Overview

Have you ever heard that, in order to become a better writer, one of the most important things for you to do is read? Of course you have; we all have. The trouble is that just reading isn't quite enough - what's needed is another step: learning to recognise the techniques writers are using in the texts you read, and learning how to apply them to writing and editing your own work. This course focuses on helping you develop those skills: deep, close reading skills for writers.

Reading for Writers is comprised of eleven lessons. The lessons are focused on supporting you in developing close reading skills - but not necessarily the skills literary critics or reviewers might use - instead, this course focuses on the reading, analysis and reflection tools writers use

Reading for Writers introduces you to the fundamentals of being a writer. Unlike other writing courses, we take a holistic approach to the idea of a writing life, working with you on what we think are the three main aspects of living your life as a writer: writing, reading and reflecting. The first two are pretty obvious: as a writer, you should be writing and reading regularly.

Reflecting connects reading and writing: it's our shorthand for the important work of talking and thinking about the reading you've done in a way that helps you improve your skills as a writer. In other words, the 'reflecting' part of a writing life is about being a wide-awake writer, tuned into the world, including the world of words.

You don't need to have any prior experience or knowledge to enrol in this course, although you may find it helpful to have a play around in our introductory online courses Playing with Poetry or Playing with Prose in order to familiarise yourself with Olvar Wood onLine

Cost: $100.00

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