Non-Fiction (Available Now)

Non-Fiction CourseOverview

This course commences September 1

Non-Fiction is comprised of twelve lessons and two opportunities for you to gain written feedback on your writing from the course tutors. The course also includes various opportunities for you to try out a range of writing styles and techniques, share your work with other writers and participate in various interactive online learning tools, such as discussion forums, chatrooms and wikis.

Taught by Dr Inga Simpson and Dr Nike Bourke, this course focuses onnon-fiction writing, including articles, essays, criticism and reviews, as well as book-length projects. Each lesson includes a range of readings, a discussion of techniques used by a variety of writers, and opportunities for you to experiment with your own writing.

Non-Fiction begins by working through an example of a non-fiction article, highlighting the process of writing a piece of non-fiction, from coming up with a range of ideas and pitching them to potential publishers, to fine-tuning your essay or article.

The second half of the course focuses on some of the key elements within non-fiction writing, such as writing about people, places, and experiences in a way that captures your readers' imaginations.

Cost: $295.00

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